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    No matter the size of your kitchen is, as long as you master the skills of cabinet storage, you can transform it into a haven fit during renovation. Serving with a variety of combinations, you can customize the most suitable layout subject to your needs, which should usually consist of three parts: base cabinets, upper cabinets and tall cabinets.


    1. Upper Cabinets
    Generally, the upper cabinets with double-layered design are used for vertical storage. They have a width and depth of 350 mm respectively, with a height of 800 mm, which are mostly used for storing unopened ingredients, seasonings and other light items. With the use of pull-down rack, kitchen items can be accessed conveniently by simply lowering it down. Some homeowners may put their spices next to the stove, but the heat might damage the flavors, so a hidden seasoning rack right under the upper cabinets is a better option!


    2. Base Cabinets
    If space allows, upper cabinets and base cabinets should have a standard distance at around 600-650 mm (+/- 50 mm). Most base cabinets feature shallow drawers, with a width and depth of 600 mm and a height of 880mm (with foot line) respectively, which can accommodate bulky kitchen utensils and tableware properly. Besides, floor-to-ceiling is a wise option to set an optimal storage space for taller and heavier items, whereas drawer organizer helps you get rid of clutters and find designated spots for all tiny items!

    L-shaped and U-shaped kitchens are the two most common and popular layouts, but they can sometimes lose functionality due to shaped corners. In this case, a pull-out swing is one of smart accessories to ensure easy movement in such hidden areas. To reach the items stored in the upper cabinets; it is suggested to install a toe-kick stepper at the base cabinets for effortless access.


    3. Tall Cabinets
    Worktops are inevitably taken up by kitchen utensils and ingredients, leaving insufficient space for food preparation. Tall cabinets with huge storage definitely help increase your work efficiency. The recommended width and depth is 600 mm respectively to align with the size of the base cabinets, while the height can reach 2300 mm. Coupled with detachable racks and a touch sensor, large amounts of stored groceries can be seen clearly from top to bottom with a light sensor knock on the cabinet front.