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A kitchen is not purely for cooking nowadays but also a lifestyle statement and place for quality living. Mia Cucina offers one-stop exclusive kitchen cabinet and premium appliances using a team of professional consultants brought together by Towngas.


Italian-style kitchens in custom-made designs

Mia Cucina is Italian and literally means “my kitchen”. It is to highlight that our kitchen cabinets are custom-made for each customer. Our clients can personalise their own design according to their special needs, cooking habits and preferences so that they can own their ideal and unique cooking paradise!

Our brand also puts great emphasis on quality, and our kitchen cabinets are made from premium materials imported from Europe, making sure our products are of superior quality as well as highly durable. Seven-layer plywood carcasses can withstand heavy loads and are perfectly suited to Hong Kong’s humid environment whilist cabinet accessories have been carefully selected to increase overall flexibility and functionality. Our kitchen designers, engineers and a strong project team will provide professional advice throughout the whole process, providing our customers with the convenience of one-stop service. 

With many years of experience in kitchen project management for large residences, Mia Cucina has built an enviable reputation and prestigious image in the kitchen design market. Together with Towngas’ award-winning service from planning, design and installation to after sales care; we ensure absolute confidence and reliable trust.


Intelligent kitchen appliances with local wisdom

With the march of technological progress, intelligent devices are not constrained in the living room any more, but have already entered the kitchen. Mia Cucina is proud to announce the brand-new series of premier kitchen appliances, including gas dominos, ovens; and we also offer hoods, fridge and washer dryer.

For customers like you who are so enthusiastic about cooking, they can surely give you exhilarating experiences! All the Mia Cucina premium appliances are carefully chosen by our professional engineers at Towngas, who consider carefully all the important factors like product design, quality, functionality and other minor details. Meanwhile, we also adopt traditional local wisdom and apply unique technology to fulfill Hong Kong people's needs. An example is an extra-strong 8kW Powerful Gas Domino, which is specially designed to cook Chinese dishes that use a wok. The food can reach a high temperature within a very short time so that it will not lose its fresh taste. This ensures that the dishes are perfect in all aspects of appearance, smell and taste.