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A open kitchen design with simple European style is the best for the modern residence. Mia Cucina’s professional team creates kitchens that beautifully combine practicality, elegance and simplicity into one single space.

Simple Open Kitchen Design Presented by Mia Cucina, the Modern Kitchen Style Design Expert

With great versatility, a simple open kitchen design makes modern homes even more stylish and welcoming. The fluid kitchen style design allows greater sociability, eliminating the boundaries between cooking and dining while connecting friends and families. Yet, every innovative idea cannot go alone without professional implementation. That is why Mia Cucina, the expert of total kitchen solution is here to act as the helping hand to make customers' dreams come true.

Developed by the Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas) in 2010, Mia Cucina has been a sought-after kitchen style design hub for Hong Kong households. Mia Cucina offers one-stop design, planning and application of exclusive kitchen cabinets and premium kitchen appliances such as gas hobs, ovens, hoods, fridges and laundry products. The brand also puts great emphasis on quality, guaranteeing all cabinets are made with quality materials imported from Europe. The sleek and neat design renders each piece of furniture a unique piece of art. With the work by a premium team of professional consultants, the brand also showcases a wide range of contemporary kitchen style design that integrate seamlessly into homes in Hong Kong with a twist of intelligence.

Throughout the years, Mia Cucina has derived successful and satisfying kitchen solutions for numerous Hong Kong families, covering all districts in the city and different sizes of homes. From a simple open kitchen design to an airy and stylish cooking room, the brand has been aiding the city dwellers in modern kitchen style design and implementation. In the showrooms of Mia Cucina, various styles of smartly simple kitchen design are displayed, for example, open kitchen island with sleek and chic style, integrating the kitchen to an ideal place for gathering. With the use of Italian-imported Fenix nanotechnology material in kitchen furniture, endurance and a hassle-free cooking experience are maximized within the open kitchen design. The custom-made quartz kitchen sink also adds a hint of quaint to the kitchen style design. On top of the presets in the showrooms, each of Mia Cucina's design can be altered to fit in the homes of customers. The choice of colour, materials of cabinets, lighting angles and the arrangement of appliances all contribute to the creation of a unique ambience for different homes.

The 6-star services of Mia Cucina cater for homes with every style. Customers visit the showrooms for inspiration and come up with a plan for face-lift or remodeling the kitchen from scratch. The kitchen designers, engineers and a professional project team would then arrange visits and develop kitchen style design sketches accordingly, incorporating kitchen furniture, lighting and other accessories to create the perfect kitchen for customers. After the final design, orders would be made for all materials, components and installation. Excellent after-sale services also make caring of the products easy. The whole process is professional and hassle-free, bringing customers the joy of witnessing how magic happen.

The much loved and multifunctional kitchens designed by Mia Cucina is interwoven by smart application of quality cabinets, tailor made kitchen appliances and facilities. In Mia Cucina, customers' ambition and insights on kitchen design are of utmost importance. That is why the brand has remain open to new kitchen design, working hard on innovative and revolutionary solutions in response to the need of customers since the past, and undoubtedly the present and the future.

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