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Mia Cucina set this cooking space with refreshing white, along with all-black cooking appliances, ovens and wine cellar, to create a richer layer through such classic color mix. The worktops and base cabinets are made of European imported ultra-compact surface materials, allowing a full appreciation of materials’ zero porosity to avoid oil infiltration. Its fine texture and gray glass backsplashes bring a subtly luxurious yet welcoming ambiance.


Parallel kitchen
Built-in hob

The parallel layout is particularly suitable for rectangle kitchens, usually cooking appliances are placed on one wall with the washing and preparation area opposite, which enables all family members to enjoy cooking at the same time.

Ceramic materials with a unique ink marble texture
Ceramic materials with a unique ink marble texture

Ceramic materials with a unique ink marble texture have always been a hallmark of luxury and elegance in the kitchen.

Tall pull-out basket

The tall pull-out basket next to the oven is designed to store jars and cans, providing easy access to a range of seasonings and ingredients.

Pull-out unit

This pull-out unit helps organize all tiny items, including spices, knives and cutting boards, in an orderly manner.

The multi-functional worktop

The multi-functional worktop can be pulled out when needed to provide a clutter-free work area, thus flexible use of kitchen space.