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One Silver Sea One Silver Sea

One Silver Sea


Mia Cucina designer has crafted this minimalistic kitchen by incorporating beige and wood-textured cabinets with pure white worktops for homeowners, creating a inviting and relaxing look.

What’s more, all much-needed appliances and storage spaces are meticulously included, from the up-down alignment of gas hob, range hood and oven, as well as, cabinets and drawers in various sizes, allowing the users to cook efficiently.


Glass wooden display shelf

This glass wooden display shelf with clear and rich texture creates a cozy home kitchen.

Stainless steel backsplash

Stainless steel backsplash is extremely durable and easy to clean. Its reflective surface offers this L-shaped layout a spacious look.

Large stainless steel sink with drain board and drain rack

With useful accessories, such as drain board and drain rack, utensils washing and food preparation become easier and more convenient in this deep and wide sink.

Mia Cucina Italian built-in multifunction oven GYV65

Available with 65L capacity, Mia Cucina Italian built-in multifunction oven GYV65 ensures your meals are cooked professionally by utilizing all levels of shelves.

Quartz worktop

Quartz is heat and scratch resistant which is impervious to most stains, so you can use water to clean it up even for pure white panels.

Display shelf

The display shelf is full of character and ideally suited to users.

Center island in living room

The center island in the living room provides extra gathering space for family and friends, and increases overall storage.

FENIX nanotech matt materials

FENIX nanotech matt materials are fingerprint-resistant and thermal-repairable which can effectively minimize bacteria production.