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Towngas introduces Mia Cucina's Italy premium kitchen appliance collection - offers stylish gas cooker with built-in hob. Powerful 8kW gas stove is perfectly tailored to Chinese style cooking with easy-to-clean and high efficient features.

Premium Kitchen Decor by Mia Cucina : Domino, the Series of Gas Stove with Built-in Gas Hob (Gas Cooker)

For the past years, Mia Cucina, a premium brand developed by Towngas, has been dedicated to developing highest quality products and total kitchen solutions for both large residences and retail customers. Alongside with the intelligently designed kitchen style and cabinets, the brand also possesses a series of kitchen appliances, including gas stove with built-in hob (gas cooker), oven, microwave, hood, fridge and washing machine. The kitchen decor fuels up the cooking space in coherence with the cutting edge design.

Rooted in Hong Kong since the 19th century, Towngas fully understands the need of local households in Hong Kong. With the company's expertise on kitchen related products, Towngas joined hands with a team of professional designers, engineers and consultants to create a whole new kitchen experience for homes. Mia Cucina, the latest creation of the company, is a designer hub for total kitchen solution. Just like the chef, kitchen designers put different components together to create a harmonious end product, the dream kitchen for every culinary ambition. From the gas stoves with built-in hobs (gas cookers), to the cabinets and dining table, Mia Cucina has it all to create an elegant and uncluttered kitchen.

The kitchen developed by Mia Cucina incorporates finest materials and design. Every piece of furniture is thoughtfully made with great functionality and appealing design. The made-to-measure cabinets utilise the space in different kitchens wisely and every cabinet carcass and accessories are selected to suit perfectly for ideal household design in order to create perfect kitchen ambience. At the same time, the furniture is designed ergonomically for comfortable and safe handling. Kitchens by Mia Cucina also make use of smart and space-saving design that echoes modern household needs. Handleless drawers, swiveling dining table sets and sensor touch lifting flags for cabinets are examples of such pioneering design.

In terms of kitchen decor, an array of gas stoves with built-in hobs (gas cookers) is presented as a highlight in the kitchen. The black ceramic and neat design of the gas cookers evinces modernity and glamour. The gas stoves also feature the finest materials made in Italy. On the other hand, Hong Kong is a unique city with both oriental and western life-style. In the cuisine of Hong Kong households, Chinese dishes are ubiquitous. That is why, the domino series of Mia Cucina include a 8kW powerful gas domino for Chinese cooking. The built-in hobs of the gas stoves are driven by rotary knobs for exceptional control over cooking temperature. At the same time, the chamfered pan support accommodates Chinese woks for stir-frying as well as pots and pans for stewing and boiling. Such thoughtfulness of design places Mia Cucina a leading position in the industry.

Well trusted by customers over the years, Mia Cucina is proven to be a professional pioneer in kitchen solutions. Recently, Mia Cucina is proudly to be awarded as the “Excellent Brand of Kitchen Solution” in the “Hong Kong Leaders’ Choice 2018", and the 4th consecutive year with “Best Kitchen Design” under “GoHome Awards 2017”. With the ongoing success and achievements, Mia Cucina will continue to strive for the best, producing top-notch kitchen solutions in service of the households in Hong Kong.

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