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To retain food nutrition, Mia Cucina brings you multifunctional built-in ovens and steam combination oven from Italy. Enhance your joyful cooking convenience and enjoy natural flavour for your healthy living style today!

Mia Cucina’s Italy-imported Built In Ovens and Steam Oven Make Cooking Easy and Enjoyable

A Chinese saying teaches, "Good tools are prerequisite to successful work". The kitchen constructed by Mia Cucina is the perfect embodiment of such old wisdom. Built solely with top of the range Italian materials and craftsmanship, kitchen furniture are highly durable and flexible. Together with a wealth of intelligent appliances such as built in ovens, steam oven, microwave ovens and the like, kitchens by Mia Cucina are undoubtedly the impeccable solutions for modern culinary desires, fulfilling cooking ambitions in an easy and enjoyable way.

Kitchen appliances is a complementary to the kitchen style so it should not be neglected. Mia Cucina only offers the best to facilitate joyful and effortless cooking. The full range of ovens provided is proven to be good helpers for busy city households. The multifunctional built in ovens come in two different sizes, 34L and 65L. Both are made in Italy with finest materials and installed with highly intelligent touch control with multiple cooking functions, the built in ovens make perfect equipment for grilling, baking, defrosting and the like. The whole series of ovens are also highly energy efficient with EU Energy ranging from Class A to Class A++ grading, fulfilling the clean cooking concept. The 65L built in oven has also a cable-connected food probe to calculate core temperature and count cooking time. The high temperature cleaning function, which burns out fat and other food residue in the ovens, comes as another highlight of the machine in the aspect of pioneering ideas. Beyond the boundaries of traditional dry oven cooking, Mia Cucina presents a brand new idea, steam combination oven. 2 in 1 steam oven is made with 1L removable water tank for steam cooking combined with grilling cooking, making a wide variety of cuisine much easier and painless. Programmed with 10 functions to achieve different cooking possibilities, the steam oven can keep the food nutrition and lock the food juicy moisture, creating a healthy and convenient diet for quality life seekers.

With the kitchen appliances, Mia Cucina displays a rich array of modern kitchen style to stimulate insights and the discovery of innovative technology. For timeless art lovers, looking for classic designs made with wood as a core material. The beauty and elegance of natural materials create the smoothest contour of kitchen cabinets. The skillfulness of the craftsmen also allows a seamless integration of functionality and aesthetics. For futuristic design seekers, find yourselves amazed by the pioneering contemporary kitchens featuring slender, wrap-around peninsula and LED lighting. With the gloss materials used, modern kitchens are perceived as elegant and smart.

In Mia Cucina, customer experience is always placed in the first priority. Featured by Mia Cucina cabinetry, a unique ‘test drive’ service is available for customers to enjoy a free cooking class with the manipulation of Mia Cucina kitchen appliances. Such considerate service elevates the whole experience in Mia Cucina into a new level and offers customers a real experience of modern kitchen settings. It also earns the brand an unrivalled status in the industry and numerous awards in premium competitions. Find yourself inspired and indulged in Mia Cucina's Italian style kitchens by visiting the showrooms today!

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