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Mia Cucina offers functional kitchen cabinets with Italian-imported materials to generate the design ideas for your unique kitchen.Visit our showroom for discovering the most distinctive style that suits your ideal kitchen today.

Towngas Presents Mia Cucina, the Bespoke Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas Generator for Modern Homes

An innovative retail concept, Mia Cucina, is presented by the Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas) for modern kitchens in 2010. Established in 1862, Towngas has been recognised as the oldest public utility in Hong Kong. Since the past 150 years, Towngas has engaged in the long history of pursuing betterment and providing world-class services to users. With many years of experience in kitchen project management for large residences, Mia Cucina takes a leap forward with the introduction of kitchen project management in Hong Kong homes. The latest brainchild of the brand, Mia Cucina, as in "My Kitchen" in Italian, is a brand new concept of Total Kitchen Solution. It includes the generation of bespoke kitchen cabinets design ideas by experts and the coalescing of aesthetics and practicality for kitchens of Hong Kong families.

As the hub of the home, the kitchen means more than cooking. It represents the joy of uniting the family and the intimacy between family members. Kitchen cabinets design has also evolved into another era, bringing indefinite possibilities for modern homes. With the growing demand of smart, one-of-a-kind kitchens, experts of modern cabinet design specialise not only in ultra modern functionality, but also ergonomics and stylish appeal. The service of creating european-styled kitchen design ideas by Mia Cucina echoes such need of the discerning customers. The provision of one-stop planning, designing and installation services kindles a whole new experience for customised kitchens.

The kitchen design ideas developed by the team of engineers and kitchen design consultants in Mia Cucina would undoubtedly light up the life at home. Alongside the carefully selected quality kitchen cabinets design materials from Italy, durability and capacity of the kitchen furniture are also far beyond standard. The seven-layer plywood used in the cabinet design is suitable for the humid weather in Hong Kong and allows heavy loads of cookware. At the same time, all cabinet designs are fully customized to cater for Hong Kong’s homes. For example, built-in appliances and cookware can be housed in cabinets using sliding doors. The ergonomically designed cabinets boost the user-friendliness and take care of the health and safety of kitchen. Such thoughtful and quality cooking space design renders Mia Cucina an unrivalled leader in the industry.

Tailor-made and delightful, the design ideas of kitchen are created to cater every need and fulfill customers' cooking ambition. An array of characterised design is displayed in the four showrooms of Mia Cucina. Each style represents a unique and exquisite taste of the kitchen owner, and at the same time, fuels up the atmosphere with a smart and innovative point of focus at the heart of your home. To name a few, the compact and minimalistic kitchen design ideas offered are highly suitable for modern apartment units. The sleek and streamlined designed cabinets create clever storage solutions for homeowners who seek clutter-free and neat solutions. For those who look for revolutionary and bold designs, the cutting-edge kitchen island with swing dining tables or other ingenious design would definitely spark insights and creativity.

With Mia Cucina, boundaries of modern kitchen design are pushed to limits. The contemporary design mingles functionality, aesthetics and also eco-friendliness. Each set of kitchen cabinet created brings positive environmental protection effect equivalent to planting four trees. At the same time, Towngas follows corporate social responsibility and compensates unavoidable carbon emissions by tree planting. Mia Cucina, the choice of modern city dwellers, creating the kitchen with you in mind.

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