Mia Cucina



Unlike matte materials, grey kitchen cabinets can also create a cooking space full of brightness and ambiance. Mia Cucina's newly designed luminous grey kitchen in Mong Kok showroom features durable and brightly hued acrylic grey panels as the key tone, complemented by mineral-grey seamless stone worktops and backsplash, with rose-copper steel strips added along the edges of cabinets, exuding a stylish and elegant look.

To enrich the visual effects, the designer adopted walnut veneer for the dining table and connected it with the island, helping the host interact and communicate with the loved ones during cooking, adding a touch of warmth to the kitchen. The top cabinets are also cleverly designed - the designer converted two layers into glass shelving, equipped with built-in LED light strips, evenly dispersing soft lights on the collections, enhancing beauty and personality.

Mia Cucina's thoughtful approach to kitchen design permeates every detail. In addition to delineating drawers and storage shelves of different sizes to meet the homeowner's needs, a series of built-in Italian cooking appliances and TGC's latest dishwasher are selected to allow owners to fully unleash their culinary skills and enjoy a superior flame cooking experience.


Corian seamless stone, worktop, backspalsh

The worktops and backsplash are made of Corian seamless stone, which can effectively prevent dirt and grime, and is easy to clean, maintaining a tidy and hygienic environment. The ripple textures on the seamless stone and the rose gold lining elevate the aesthetic of the kitchen.

glass shelves, LED light, wall-mounted racks

The designer skillfully incorporated double-layer glass shelves with built-in LED light strips on the kitchen cabinets, beautifully illuminating the displayed items. Furthermore, a series of high-quality wall-mounted racks are added to the backsplash, providing a tidy solution for seasonings and utensils.

domino, 8kW, wok-hei

Made in Italy, a series of Mia Cucina built-in dominos with up to 8kW power is designed for cooking enthusiasts to prepare ‘wok-hei’ dishes with ease.

TGC, dishwasher

Discover TGC‘s new built-in dishwasher — a stylish addition to any kitchen. With six washing modes and a capacity for 10 sets of Chinese tableware, it saves time on post-meal clean-up, allowing busy city dwellers to enjoy more moments with family.


With built-in toe-kick stepper at base cabinet, you can easily access items stored in the top shelf. Additionally, it can serve as drawers for miscellaneous items.

drawers, storage

Mia Cucina offers custom-made oversized drawers and storage accessories tailored to the cabinet dimensions, ensuring proper placement of all types of kitchen utensils.

tall larder unit

By making excellent use of every inch of space, a multi-tier tall larder unit is specially designed for the narrow deep area, conveniently accommodating food items in different heights.

pull out unit

By adding pull-out units in the base cabinet, condiments can be neatly stored, providing a streamlined view when cooking.