Mia Cucina



Inspired by the bold colors and metal finishes of Art Deco, Mia Cucina skillfully blends Italian-imported Fenix Nanotech olive green surfaces, Spanish-imported Dekton ultra-compact dark grey stone worktops, and lava-textured rose gold metal plates, creating a visually striking and modern kitchen design.

The entire kitchen cabinet is based on Fenix Nanotech olive green matte door panels, which are anti-fingerprint and offer thermal healing of micro-scratches. They also have color fastness to light, ensuring the kitchen color remains vibrant over time. Mia Cucina carefully selects Dekton scratch- and abrasion-resistant stone panels for the worktops, with light grey veins throughout the surface, adding a stylish touch to this island kitchen. Additionally, the unique lava-textured rose gold metal finishes are incorporated into the edges of the cabinets, infusing the cooking space with the distinctive style of Art Deco.

It is worth noting that the glass-fronted wooden shelves on the back cabinets are designed with built-in LED light strips, beautifully illuminating all cookware on display and become part of the home décor.


lava-textured rose gold metal plating

Great design lies in the details. Mia Cucina perfects the kitchen design with lava-textured rose gold metal plating along the edges of the kitchen.

glass shelves, LED light

The glass-fronted wooden shelves feature built-in LED light strips, effectively creating a translucent effect and bringing a sense of openness to the kitchen.


The aesthetics of organization and storage system is achieved by Mia Cucina. Home chefs can design the drawer size, divider, and pull-out tray according to own preference, ensuring that the homeware is neatly placed.

TGC Domino-type built-in hobs

Flame cooking can do exactly what you want. The TGC Domino-type built-in hobs are equipped with different levels of flame control plus timer function, enabling perfect cooking results.

Silgranit, sink

At the heart of the kitchen is the Silgranit sink, tailored with extra-large basin and heat- and acid-resistant material, providing convenience and refreshment to the cooking space.

wall-mounted rack

Free up more space by installing wall-mounted racks for meal preparation and cooking. With different styles of compartments, home chefs can fully indulge in the cooking fun.

Italian-made, oven

Mia Cucina’s Italian-made oven allows home chef to host family and friends for delicious dishes with a wide range of automatic cooking functions.


TGC's latest built-in dishwasher, equipped with six washing modes and the ability to hold ten sets of Chinese tableware, streamlines post-meal clean-up, giving busy homeowners more quality time to cherish with their loved ones.