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Mia Cucina introduces modern microwave oven to make your everyday gourmet simple yet tasty. It helps to fulfil your cooking desire and enhance your quality of life with the combination of modern design and advanced functionality.

Perfect for Busy Modern City Dwellers – Microwave Oven in Mia Cucina Offers Hassle-Free Cooking Experience

In modern and developing cities, food preparation could be a time-consuming task to round-the-clock workers and city residences. For less than a century, microwave oven has entered almost every household in the modern city, saving the time for defrosting, cooking, and cleaning. This shows how much people yearn for an easy and hassle-free way of cooking. As an expert of kitchen arrangement and design, Mia Cucina fully understands the needs and habits of Hong Kong households and thereafter customers can undoubtedly find the best solutions for their kitchens here.

The brand specializes in the provision of premium kitchen appliances such as microwave oven, hob, oven and the others. All products have been thoughtfully chosen by professional Towngas engineers from European countries to ensure quality and functionality. Among the collection, microwave oven of Mia Cucina is a companion for fast and simple cooking. Microwave cooking is by far one of the most convenient ways to prepare meals. The high technology ensures instant results and at the same time, retains the nutrients and flavor by limited cooking time. It also leaves a spotless worktop and save the time of cleaning. Each preset with 900W microwave and 1000W grill functions, the high power microwave oven of Mia Cucina is a must-have in household for safe and speedy cooking. Moreover, the design of black glass ensures a seamless blend in of the sleek kitchen style, giving you a strikingly clutter-free cooking area.

Apart from appliances, Mia Cucina offers a wide range of Italian-inspired kitchens for Hong Kong homes, bringing customers a whole new experience of convenient cooking. Each kitchen is delicately planned to ensure it is customer driven with a unique and personal touch. The sophisticated style and smart combination of furniture and appliances also facilitate modern way of cooking. To further speed up the process, cabinets and storage space are designed with the considerations of ergonomics, making them efficient and easy to use. The electronic cabinet lifts, side-on open shelves, soft closing drawers are the examples of the solicitous mind of craftsmen. Made with materials from Europe, the cabinets perform well in terms of capacity and functionality. They offer a huge volume of storage without damage while keeping the kitchen spacious for food preparation.

Reinventing kitchens with Mia Cucina is inspiring and effortless. The showrooms in Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok, Wan Chai and North Point showcase the latest development of modern kitchen design trend. The team of professional consultants and experienced designers in Mia Cucina is determined to bring joyful home-cooking experience to discerning individuals and modern families. Mia Cucina provides customers with several possible solutions for their unique kitchens. Customers have the most autonomy throughout the whole process from ideas to completion as Mia Cucina always upholds the ‘customer-first’ principle, offering comprehensive support to customers before, during and after the sales. To ensure customers' satisfaction, a three-year free kitchen appliances warranty is guaranteed alongside Towngas’ comprehensive after-sales service. Work with Mia Cucina today and be charmed by the magic of modern cooking space development.

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