Towngas - Covid-19 Vaccination Lucky Draw

Towngas is launching a $3 million anti-pandemic raffle to join hands with the public to accelerate economic recovery! Hong Kong Identity Card holders aged 18 or above who have received one or both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine before mid-September 2021 are eligible ! Each of the top 50 winners will receive HK$10,000 shopping vouchers which can be used at Towngas Customer Centres, Towngas Cooking Centre, Flame at Towngas Avenue and Towngas Fun. Get vaccinated to win a chance of getting up to $3 million grand prizes !
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Mia Cucina



Experts from Mia Cucina have skillfully designed this open island kitchen using a simplistic and sleek style. Its matte panels utilize the latest Italian-imported FENIX nanotechnology that features resistance to fingerprints and acid-based solvents, thermal healing of micro scratches, promising endurance and a hassle-free cooking experience.



Using cutting-edge technology, our designers make use of a series of automated equipment to create a fun and pleasant cooking environment for users.


The island gracefully integrates dining and cooking activities into one intimate space, bringing about enjoyable cooking experience.


Smartly placed drawers of various sizes in the cooking area enable nice organization of cooking utensil storage for convenience.


Stylishly designed and highly functional, brand new Mia Cucina premium built-in kitchen appliances elegantly enhance the image of the kitchen.