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Website Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy of the website of The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited ("Towngas") www.towngasmiacucina.com ("Site"). This policy is additional to the Company’s Privacy Policy Statement and terms and conditions governing the use of this website, and should be read together with these documents.

1. The Importance of Protecting Your Personal Data
Towngas acknowledges that your privacy is vital to you, and you should have control over your personal data. We understand that the provision of personal data is based on trust, and we warrant to you that all reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that the personal data provided to us will not be misused or disclosed without authorization. Unless you expressly instruct us otherwise, the processing of your personal data by Towngas and the protection of your privacy shall be governed by this privacy policy ("the Policy").

2. Collection of Data on Website
2.1 Statistical Data
When you browse the Site, certain data such as your Internet Protocol address (IP address), domain name, browsing date and time, the last website you browsed, the type of your browser, the files and path you browsed will be recorded in the server of the Site. The collection of such data is for statistical purposes, which allows us to understand which parts of the Site would attract a larger number of visitors in order to assist in serving the users of the Site better.

The said collection process would not record your name. If you have not specified your identity in the Site, your use of the Site would not be linked with such data.

2.2 Personal Data Requested From You on Website
Towngas may in various stages requests you to supply data that can ascertain your identity such as your full name, gender, Identity Card Number, contact number, address, email address, and the user name. The supply of such data is voluntary. You should decide whether or not to supply the requested data to the website. While the supply of such data is not mandatory, we may not be able to provide you with the information or services of the Site if such data is not provided.

For the purpose, transfer, use in direct marketing, access and correction, retention and security of personal data collected by Towngas, please read the Company’s Privacy Policy Statement.

3. Linking to Other Websites
The Site may from time to time contain hyperlinks to other websites. Towngas shall not be responsible for any privacy policies of those websites. You are advised to carefully read the privacy policies of any of those websites before supplying your personal data to any linked websites.

4. Changes of the Policy
Towngas reserves the right to change the Policy at any time without notice. Towngas shall notify you by publishing the latest version of the Policy at the Site.

5. Direct Marketing
If you do not want to receive any marketing update or promotional news from Towngas, you may opt out at any time by writing to the Company's Data Protection Officer, sending email to towngasmiacucina@towngas.com, or calling the Company at 2880 6988. The Company will then cease to use your personal data in direct marketing. Processing of such request is free of charge.

6. Language
In case of any inconsistency or conflict between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail.