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When the homeowner planned for a kitchen renovation, she wanted to create a minimalist and functional cooking heaven. Mia Cucina’s team combined elegant grey panels and white seamless stone with a modern touch, plus the natural light from the glass windows and built-in cabinet lighting, infuse the kitchen with sophistication and personality. The Italian FENIX nanotech matt material applied to the upper and base cabinets is anti-fingerprint and thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches; it can also minimize bacteria growth effectively. The white seamless stone with flowing veined pattern used on backsplash and worktop not only makes the visual effect more layered but also allows the homeowner clean up easily while enjoying the cooking moment.


kitchen lighting

Adequate lighting is important for a kitchen. Not only does it set a pleasant mood for cooking, but it can also showcase the kitchen design, illuminating its best features.

hidden pull-out worktop

The hidden pull-out worktop provides extra workspace for food preparation without taking up valuable floor space.

double-bowl sink

The sink and worktop are made of the same white solid surface material, creating a seamless transition visual effect.