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Sai Kung Sai Kung

Sai Kung


Diverging from the natural simplicity of single-tone wooden kitchen designs, Mia Cucina thoughtfully selects black and brown wood grain materials to delineate the cooking and washing areas. The unique pattern enhances the overall layering, creating a distinctive and high-quality aesthetic. The worktop, on the other hand, is made of pure white quartz, instantly illuminating and enlivening the kitchen space.


retractable worktop

The retractable worktop only takes up the space of a drawer. Simply pull to extend this accessory to the length of a small dining table, providing ample space to arrange the ingredients and utensils for cooking delicious dishes with ease.

180° rotating double-layered swinging trays

Optimize the kitchen storage with 180° rotating double-layered swinging trays. This unique design allows you to fully utilize corner spaces and effortlessly retrieve pots and pans of all sizes.

display shelves

The homeowner intentionally incorporates display shelves into the kitchen cabinets, creating space to showcase the collectibles and reflecting his personal taste.