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The Legend The Legend

The Legend


The homeowner has always had a fondness for green. During this home renovation, she decided to use olive green Italian-imported nanotech matt door panels for the kitchen cabinets. These are complemented by a black and white rich-veined quartz worktop and a stylish stainless-steel backsplash, creating a blend of personality and luxury charm. Additionally, the designer extended the worktop's corner on both sides, allowing the stone pattern to flow down to the base cabinets, making the space visually appealing and charming.


TGC Mega Flame Built-in Hob, Mia Cucina Double Burner Gas Domino

The combination of TGC Mega Flame Built-in Hob and Mia Cucina Double Burner Gas Domino creates a perfect harmony, satisfying the homeowner’s desire for cooking delicious and aromatic dishes with “wok hei”

drawers in different sizes, built-in LED sensor lights

The homeowner installs drawers of different sizes and divider in the cooking area to neatly store kitchen utensils. Built-in LED sensor lights allows convenient access to items at night.

worktop, stone pattern

Designer added a highlight to the kitchen by extending the stone pattern from worktop to corner, elevating the overall style.