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The Vineyard The Vineyard

The Vineyard


The design focus of this island kitchen lies in the richly patterned black quartz worktop, exuding a unique personality. Mia Cucina incorporates walnut wood and dark stone-textured finishes for the upper and base cabinets, enhancing the visual appeal. The layout of the island kitchen provides ample cooking space for the homeowners, making it perfect for enjoying a glass of wine with friends while cooking, creating a warm and leisurely atmosphere.


center island

The center island can be used for food preparation and also serves as dining table, elevating the functionality of the kitchen.

antique bronze plate

The edges of the kitchen cabinets are embellished with antique bronze plate, accentuating the layers.

pull out unit

By adding pull out units on both sides of the built-in hobs, condiments can be neatly stored, providing a streamlined view when cooking.