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The Paragon The Paragon

The Paragon


The kitchen is a place to cook and relax, so Mia Cucina utilizes the semi-open layout to split the kitchen from the living room while the practical U-shaped cabinets provide plenty of storage and make cooking more efficient. All these curate an enjoyable hub for home-cooking and gathering with family and friends !


Natural wood grain cabinet panels

The natural wood grain cabinet panels bring a sense of warmth to the kitchen.

A corner unit

A corner unit is installed to properly store large heavy pots and pans.

Worktop made of a dark textured solid surface

The worktop is made of a dark textured solid surface that perfectly blends the wall tiles and the wood grain base cabinets to create a harmonious ambiance.

Tall cabinet

The tall cabinet with huge storage can be fully opened, giving users easy and full access to all items at a glance.

Upper cabinets with bi-fold fronts

The upper cabinets with bi-fold fronts allow users to open and close the door conveniently.

Three burners of TGC Sealed Burner Built-in

Three burners of TGC Sealed Burner Built-in allow users to create different types of cuisine at once while its sealed burner design effectively prevents spills and crumbs from falling onto the flame!

Stainless steel sink

The stainless steel sink with a high gloss surface is durable and easy to clean.