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The parallel layout turns the kitchen into an ideal gathering place where the users can enjoy cooking with friends and family. With the cabinets placed on both sides providing ample storage, this Mia Cucina kitchen also allows few people to prepare and cook at the same time. Mia Cucina applied the compacting sintered stone for the worktop which is durable and wear-resistant with antibacterial properties, the users can handle food ingredients directly on the surface; a selection of quality and practical gas appliances, including Mia Cucina oven, TGC built-in hob and range hood, makes it easier to create delicious meals.


Curved-lined cabinet

Trendy and practical design of curved-lined cabinet has been applied to avoid kitchen accidents and accommodate necessary utensils.

Range hood right above the built-in hob

It is recommended to install the range hood right above the built-in hob and oven to remove fumes efficiently and give the kitchen a tidy look.

TGC built-in hob and multifunctional Mia Cucina oven

The TGC built-in hob and the multifunctional Mia Cucina oven are perfect for cook lovers’ who want to entertain themselves or prepare meals for guests!

Narrow pull-out basket

The narrow pull-out basket is located underneath the built-in hob, allowing the homeowner to retrieve ingredients and items quickly when cooking.

A variety of drawers

In view of a large number of kitchen utensils, Mia Cucina offers users a variety of drawers to store all utensils neatly.

Double-bowl sink

A double-bowl sink offers two separate basins for washing different ingredients and pots to keep the kitchen clean.