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Navy, an elegant and refreshing choice of colour, is selected to demonstrate the homeowner's tastes and styles. Setting navy kitchen cabinets as the backdrop, Mia Cucina charmingly utilizes white backsplash and bar table with richly veined textures. This ingenious color combination stylishly dresses up the kitchen for visual pleasure. Besides, Mia Cucina adopts European innovative ultra compact surface material to the worktops which is durable and oil-resistant, where cooking can be enjoyed with ease and pleasure.


TGC range hood

TGC range hood is equipped with a powerful ventilation system that effectively removes greasy fumes and keeps the kitchen fresh and comfortable at all times.

Deep and wide stainless steel sink

This deep and wide stainless steel sink, which is durable and heat-resistant, makes utensil washing and meal preparation easier and more convenient.

Drawers in Various Sizes

Want to put all your kitchen utensils and condiments in order? Install drawers underneath the hob for easy access and storage.

Upper cabinets and fridge

Mia Cucina has unified the depth of the upper cabinets and fridge to provide extra storage space, creating an uncluttered and sleek look.