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Convention Plaza Apartments Convention Plaza Apartments

Convention Plaza Apartments


From materials to appliances, Mia Cucina professionals curated every corner of this kitchen with thought and consideration, creating a cozy and modern area. Pure white upper cabinets are paired with stainless steel backsplash to jazz up the visual effect, while the natural wooden patterns in the base cabinets achieve a simple yet warm ambiance. This compact kitchen is further equipped with all kinds of built-in cooking appliances, including TGC DOMINO hobs series, range hood and oven; where the space is at a premium.


The stainless steel backsplash clearly lends an outstanding modern sheen that makes cleaning easy and hassle-free.

Draining rack

This draining rack can slide right over the sink, saving space on the worktop and for drip-drying dishes.

Customized cabinets with bi-fold doors
High-quality hinge

Customized cabinets with bi-fold doors are ideal to fully use up the corner, providing a full view of cabinetry contents.

Wall-mounted shelves
Wall-mounted shelves

Wall-mounted shelves, paper roll holders and other storage accessories bring a tidy and ordered aesthetic into the kitchen.