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  • 1. How do I place a cabinet order after taking over the property?

    You can visit Mia Cucina website for more project references for design inspiration; or try out Mia Cucina Kitchen Visualizer with a real-time preview function to customize the kitchen cabinets and worktop from brands to materials, to seek a professional advice from our staff on saved image. Mia Cucina’s one-stop service always offers comprehensive support with close communication with customers and strict monitoring throughout the whole process:

    • Start with a visit to our showroom to capture inspiration for your renovation;
    • Arrange on-site visit and measurement of your existing kitchen, then provide you with initial sketches;
    • Suggest style and finishing of the cabinets, worktops, appliances and lightings, etc based on your preference and needs;
    • Prepare the final drawings for your review, and make fine adjustments until you are completely satisfied;
    • Order all necessary materials and arrange installation based on your request in design, storage and layout;
    • Carry out a kitchen inspection to ensure its quality
  • 2. Does Mia Cucina provide on-site measurement?

    You can schedule an on-site measurement with Mia Cucina staff and the measurement fee can be waived after order confirmation.

  • 3. Will cabinet design service be provided in outlying islands (e.g. Discovery Bay)?

    Yes, Mia Cucina is also experienced in providing one-stop kitchen service in outlying islands, please visit our website for more project reference.

  • 4. If I use LPG appliances for cooking at home, can I still order cabinets from Towngas Mia Cucina?

    Yes. Mia Cucina provides cabinet design and installation services to customers in different housing estates, no matter the customer is using Town Gas or LPG appliances.

  • 5. Do you provide 3D color rendering of cabinet designs?

    Mia Cucina has launched a Kitchen Visualizer with a real-time preview function. We utilize advanced technology to give you the chance to customize the cabinet doors, worktops, backsplashes to floor tiles. You may also seek professional advice on your saved image.

  • 6. Is it possible to renovate my kitchen cabinets without moving out?

    Yes, but it depends on the scope and extent of the cabinets replacement. If you want to change the wall or floor tiles at the same time, it is recommended to move out temporarily to avoid being affected.

  • 7. Does Mia Cucina provide custom furniture service?

    Mia Cucina provides one-stop kitchen and bathroom solutions from design to installation; the customised furniture service is not available currently. Please feel free to contact the sales representatives for details.