Mia Cucina

Compliment 12

Dear Sales Manager,


I write to express my heartfelt thanks to you and to your colleagues in handling the decoration project of my home kitchen.

Frankly, I never have any doubt about the quality of the Mia Cucina brand products, yet I am still impressed by the service standard that you guys had offered.

This project, was actually quite complicated, in the sense that due to various reasons, I had invited various parties to perform the decoration work for me. As a result, the communication job amongst the various parties had laid heavily on my own shoulders. Not a pro of any discipline in the decoration industry, I found the communication issues amongst the parties too much that I could handle, and actually had caused quite a number of misunderstandings and thus delays of the project. 

Yet, it was right at the moment that your team stood out, helped me on every aspect to communicate with various parties, got them working together to have all the issues fixed and solved and done. I trust there were issues that clearly not originated from your side, and yet you guys didn’t mind to give extra hands. I tend to believe that had it not been your extra efforts or inputs, the decoration work could not have been completed at such quality and standard.

As a result, I am 100% satisfied with the quality of the products and services offered by your team. I thus have no hesitation to recommend Mia Cucina to any of my friends that are looking for the best kitchen products and more importantly, the services that any customer would like to find.


So, thanks again,

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Wang