Mia Cucina

Compliment 7

Dear Sir,


Excellence of Job Execution

I am writing to express my great appreciation to the group of your staff, the team was taking care of all the renovation plan and work of my kitchen.

The Sale Manager at your showroom has been giving me tremendous help and assistance, from the moment the renovation plan is being started and made, till the end of the whole project was nicely done and completed. She has provided me with professional advice in a very friendly way, letting me have a good and clear picture of the right materials and devices to pick. I was truly enjoying the whole process and the service the Sales Manager has given me. I will surely recommend Mia Cucina and the whole team to my relatives and friends, when any of them are in need of planning for a kitchen renovation.

In the meantime, I want to also give compliments to other members of sales team, who are  very professional and taking care of all measuring and assisting the Sales Manager to provide me with sensible and good ideas of design, as well as good coordination with the other professionals in your company for getting the project finished satisfactorily.

I also want to thank the project team. They've got the actual renovation work done greatly and the execution was not less than perfect.


Yours sincerely,

Mr. Ng