Mia Cucina

Scholtès and Mia Cucina join hands to launch first TV Commercial

24 Mar 2014

In the run to its 2nd year landed in Hong Kong in March 2014, a French premium kitchen appliance brand Scholtès has joined hands with Mia Cucina kitchen cabinets to launch their first TV Commercial ever, titled 'Masterpiece is about Perfection'.

The TV Commercial, to be aired on high profile programs on TVB Jade, TVB Pearl, and other TV channels later, has exuded a unique, professional and premium element of kitchen thereby creating an inimitable style to capture the attention of all audiences and cook lovers.

Filmed in a beautiful Mia Cucina kitchen with stylish Scholtès appliance in a slow motion transition, the 30-second commercial is a musical and visual manifestation to convey the elements of product excellence and craftsmanship.

Through the commercial, it has featured a professional conductor, who is obsessed with perfection and loves to explore to every single details of things, conducting different muscial instruments while showcasing the highest quality materials of Mia Cucina kitchen cabinets and Scholtès premium appliances. The association of the impressive music and masterpiece products is bound to have an impact and therefore, keep the buzz amongest the audiences. The commercial draws to an end with the conductor unveiling to be a master chef to indulge the passion and apply his expertise on gastronomy, with the use of Scholtès appliances in a perfect Mia Cucina kitchen. It cues a perfect combination of the brands and a total kitchen solution concept, offered by Towngas.

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