Mia Cucina

Mia Cucina and TGC were honored with 2 awards, under “GoHome Awards 2014”

19 Nov 2014

Providing the superior products and best service has always been a top priority in Towngas, we make every effort to lift up your quality of life. Recently, Towngas was honored to receive 2 trophies under the “GoHome Awards 2014”, including “Best Kitchen Design” for Mia Cucina kitchen cabinet and “Best Kitchen Appliance” for TGC appliance. These awards were a testimony to our popularity among the public and industry.

Backed by years of experience in engineering and project management in large-scale properties, Mia Cucina kitchen cabinet service was established in 2010 to provide you with the choicest and high quality material from Europe, and offer you a one-stop and tailored solution. Towngas’ TGC brand has provided a diversified range of quality gas appliances to the families in Hong Kong since 2000, in order to suit different needs and lift up the joy of cooking. The 2 awards recognize both Mia Cucina and TGC that provide excellent products and service to you; and at Towngas, we wish to bring the ‘Cook For Love’ idea through our brands to let you enjoy the moment of life with families and friends.