Mia Cucina

Mia Cucina one-stop kitchen and bathroom solution ensuring a leisure and snazzy living

06 Oct 2020

No matter the home size, design enthusiasts definitely opt for a dining room and bathroom decoration that suits their tastes, so as kitchen and bathroom. To unify the design style and overall ambiance, users should consider using the same materials for these two functional areas, and indeed, humidity-proof and anti-bacterial panel material is also recommended for the cabinets to work practically and aesthetically. Recently, Mia Cucina is committed to extending coverage into bathroom cabinets so as to provide a truly comprehensive one-stop solution.


Highly functional cabinets with exquisite details

A practical and aesthetic cabinet provides fascinating harmony of storage and decorative functions. Flats in Hong Kong are generally small, so tailor-made kitchen and bathroom cabinets can ensure efficient use of space. Alongside with stunning design, cabinets should have a high load-bearing capacity and humidity resistance variety of materials with distinctive features are provided in the market and the quality, including finishes and substrates, may vary among brands; so users should consider carefully during selection.

Hygienic bathing experience with humidity-proof materials

Considering improper ventilation in an enclosed bathroom causes to high humidity, Mia Cucina suggests to use anti-bacterial panel material for bathroom cabinet and thus, it effectively prevents bacteria production to achieve a hygienic bathing environment.

Customized cabinets with one-stop solution

Apart from the quality cabinet materials, a wide range of distinctive accessories and storage items, including detachable pull-out basket, drawer with built-in dividers and application of corner unit, makes the kitchen more user-friendly. In order to provide a truly comprehensive one-stop solution, Mia Cucina is committed to extending coverage into bathroom cabinets.