Mia Cucina



Mia Cucina offers a wide range of kitchen accessories to add value to your kitchen. Ergonomics work assist bar, multipurpose knife rack with child lock & pull-down layered rack etc., such accessories will make a new kitchen the most functional, efficient to use; and most importantly, they bring you a comfort of convenience every time you cook.



Extra large sink with multi-functional accessories -

It gives you a large space for washing and preparing food at the same time and will optimize your cooking efficiency.


Knife rack with child lock -

Mia Cucina provides such special knife rack to guarantee safety.


Multipurpose knife racks - 

Mia Cucina provides a various choices of knife racks for customer's selection. 


Hidden seasoning rack -

Such rack hides clutters when they are not in use, allowing a tidy well-organized look for kitchens.


Pop-up power socket -

Installed in the island, it can be raised when in use. This socket enables you to charge all sorts of different devices, introducing the smart concept to the kitchen.


Built-in cabinet vacuum -

This vacuum cleaner enables users utmost convenience – all you have to do is just to sweep the floor, kick the switch at the side and the dust and debris will be sucked in and gone.


Pull-down layered rack -

Tailor-made for kitchen items that are frequently used, it can be lowered down to a reachable height for easy access and users do not need to stretch their arms to grab things.


Ergonomic work assist bar -

Ergonomically-designed on the panel, the bar is bespoken to minimize stress exerted on the body when user bend down to prepare food.


Automatic lifting dish sterilizer -

It does more than killing bacteria for your dishes which can be raised up to form cupboard for storage and lowered down for better accessibility by simply pressing a button.


LED faucet -

Faucet with led light changes color according to temperature of water to ensure safety.