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Kitchen Style

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Doors, bodies & shelf boards Doors, bodies & shelf boards
  • Cabinet panels are one of the key elements to reflect kitchen ambiance:

    • Please use soft towels and kitchen cleaning products with a neutral pH value to clean regularly. Avoid using acidic or corrosive products
    • Please wipe off new stains as soon as possible for easier cleaning.
    • Please avoid using scourers or brushes as it will leave scratch marks on the surface.
    • Please do not use abrasive cleaners to avoid all irreparable marks on the door surface.
    • Please do not use steam cleaners.
    • Please avoid using towels that are soaking wet to clean the doors, bodies or shelves. After cleaning, please wipe the door surfaces completely dry.
    • Please wipe the wet surfaces caused by steam after cooking. Please keep the doors, bodies and shelves dry at all time.