Towngas - Covid-19 Vaccination Lucky Draw

Towngas is launching a $3 million anti-pandemic raffle to join hands with the public to accelerate economic recovery! Hong Kong Identity Card holders aged 18 or above who have received one or both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine before mid-September 2021 are eligible ! Each of the top 50 winners will receive HK$10,000 shopping vouchers which can be used at Towngas Customer Centres, Towngas Cooking Centre, Flame at Towngas Avenue and Towngas Fun. Get vaccinated to win a chance of getting up to $3 million grand prizes !
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Trade Promotion Competition License: 54480


Mia Cucina

Kitchen Style

Experience Distinctive Style at the Heart of Your Home
Worktops Worktops
  • The worktop is one of the most important parts in the kitchen as many food preparation steps take place:

    • Please use wet towels coupled with standard kitchen cleaner to remove stains in circular motions.
    • Please use insulating pads and avoid placing hot cookware directly on the worktops.
    • Please do not chop food on the worktops directly as this will scratch the surface.