Mia Cucina

Winners of “Reinventing Home Kitchen-Design Contest 2016”

29 Sep 2016

After two rounds of judging, Mia Cucina (Kitchens by Towngas) and Archiparti announce five winners of “Reinventing Home Kitchen - Design Contest 2016”. The competition has successfully attracted over a hundred submissions from 17 countries; each design shows designers’ passion on kitchen design and their innovation.

Based on creativity, visual appeal, thoughtfulness to overall kitchen workflow, caring to details, practicality and functionality, a total of 8 judges including the head judge, Mr Paul Chu, Honorary Treasurer of Hong Kong Institute of Architects, top management of Towngas, professional designers such as Mr Otto Ng, and cooking experts, Mr Jacky Yu and Mr Joey Leung, chose five excellent designs from Professional, Open and Student Group. The winning designs are all capable of showcasing the importance of kitchen. The results are:

1. "Best Mia Cucina Home Kitchen Design of Style"

Winner: napp studio - Tsang Aron Wai Chun & Ho Hung Lai Wesley (Hong Kong)
Description of the Winning Design: Inspired by Chinese traditional architecture “Siheyuan,” the kitchen is formed by 4-5 individual cabinets and also integrates with a swing-dining table in order to interact more with friends and family during cooking time.

2. "Best Mia Cucina Home Kitchen Design of Love"

Winner: Kwan Lam (Hong Kong)
Description of the Winning Design: Differed from classical kitchen style, the designer used two ovals to be the working area; hence, while mother focuses on cooking, father and the kids can play on the other side of that area.

3. "Most Creative Use of Mia Cucina for Home Kitchen Design"

Winner: Lai Chi Ho Tommy (Hong Kong)
Description of the Winning Design: It is an open kitchen, which is called "Connection." It consists of a pragmatic L-shaped cabinet for motivating everyone to get closer and communicate easier.

4. "Mia Cucina Design & Research Award"

Winner: Camilo Cerro (United States)
Description of the Winning Design: The design is artfully integrated by indoor greenhouse and kitchen. The tall cabinet leaning against the wall is designed to be the greenhouse; so, the user can freely plant ingredients inside this special cabinet.

5. "Mia Cucina Student Award"

Winner: Federico Fauli (United Kingdom)
Description of the Winning Design: The kitchen island is made of glass and the kitchen cabinet is composed by black marble. Therefore, stylish cooking enthusiasts can place his/her favorite cooking utensils and decoration to prettify the kitchen.

The judging panel believes that imagination isn't just a thought, and it should be executed in real life. Hence, Mia Cucina is going to turn two of the winning designs from sketches into reality at Tsim Sha Tsui showroom at the end of 2016. Welcome to visit the new kitchens then!