Mia Cucina

A highly functional kitchen embraced by simplicity and elegance

01 Aug 2017

Modern life is colorful yet hectic, that is why people value the harmony between functionality and charm. To accommodate this need, Mia Cucina kitchen designers have masterly designed this kitchen that beautifully combines practicality, elegance and simplicity into one single space.

A sense of elegance is exemplified by the use of Italian white acrylic door panels in high gloss finish on upper units, granite patterned base units and Italian cement grey door panels on storage cabinets. The worktop is characterized by its Corian solid material and undermounted stainless steel sink that subtly accentuate its charming quality.

Functionality in this kitchen comes in the form of electrical bi-fold lifting door system, sliding range hood and pull-out clever storage design. A wide range of equipment ensures high efficiency for users in terms of both time and space.

This kitchen is a demonstration of skilful integration of two seemly contradicting elements - function and style. It is ideal for those who value practicality and convenience as much as charming and aesthetic designs.