Mia Cucina

Sleek & chic, a futuristic kitchen of its kind

05 Jul 2017

Nowadays the kitchen has been elevated to serve more than a cooking area – it has become an ideal place for family and friends to gather around, chat and relax. Experts from Mia Cucina have skillfully designed this open island kitchen using a simplistic and sleek style. Its matte panels utilize the latest Italian-imported FENIX nanotechnology that features resistance to fingerprints and acid-based solvents, thermal healing of micro scratches, promising endurance and a hassle-free cooking experience.

Furthermore, a series of automated equipment, such as lifting spice racks, concealed downdraft range hoods and television, is placed in the center of the island. Through state-of-the-art technology, the kitchen is transformed into a stylish and simplistic cooking space. On one side of the island, a specially made quartz kitchen sink establishes a contrasting visual effect to the kitchen; while two charming high stools are placed on the other side. The design offers a cozy and delightful atmosphere for family and friends to rejoice.

To bring new cooking experience, the kitchen can be individually customized with a series of Italian-made Mia Cucina built-in hobs and multi-function ovens, ensuring a high level of convenience for users.