Mia Cucina

Showcase the Traditional Architecture in a Modern Kitchen

08 May 2017

Although the trend in architecture world continually changes, ancient art is timeless and it always has transformative power. This time, winners of “Reinventing Home Kitchen-Design Contest 2016” and Mia Cucina designers bring the design concept of Chinese traditional architecture “SiHeYuan” (四合院) into live and present it in our new kitchen.

The kitchen basically forms with four individual kitchen cabinets. They encircle with each other while featuring a swivel dining table with whirl dining chairs in the middle of the kitchen. The breakthrough of this nimble design delights the gathering ambience where you can enjoy cooking moments with your friends and family.

Four independent cabinets have been categorized into cooking zone, washing zone, dining zone, and storage zone, which use different earth tones of Italian door panels, while combining with other materials such as high-gloss acrylic, marble and stainless steel. This stunning and fresh kitchen style definitely elevates your cooking spirit.

The most special is that all objects, which are made of light wooden door panels, are movable like four dice chairs and the swivel dining table. The mixture of cooking area and dining area adds vigorousness and vitality to the kitchen.