Mia Cucina

Mia Cucina MasterCraft 2018

18 Apr 2018

Premium brand Mia Cucina by Towngas has been well-known for its determination in providing excellent one-stop kitchen solution with high quality cabinets and appliances. The essence of such excellence is the meticulousness throughout the entire design, material-sourcing and installation process, the aesthetic, durability and humanized design of products are particularly emphasized. Towngas has held “Mia Cucina MasterCraft Contest 2018”recently, so the installation professionals were offered a chance to dazzle the mass.  6 carefully short-listed assembling contractors from Hong Kong and Mainland China were invited to join, the contestants attempted to show their expertise in installing Mia Cucina cabinets and appliances and competed for the MasterCraft awards. 

Through the MasterCraft Contest since 2016, Towngas encourages the installation professionals in pursuing excellent know-how and assembling. The contesting teams have to take challenges, and install a complete set of cabinets and built-in appliances (incluing gas dominos, oven, hood, fridge and laundary), within one and a half day. The Managing Director, Mr. Alfred Chan and the Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer – Utilities Business, Mr. Peter Wong of The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited made up of the judge panel with 4 other well-recognized business leaders from the sector of property development in Hong Kong and China. They assessed the contesting teams by 4 conditions (best utilizing tools, pursuing aesthetics, being meticulous and dignifying the know-how), 2 requirements (being visionary and seeking for perfection, being creative and bringing things in harmony) and 6 installation asethetic standards (well placement, details in good order, pursuit of simplicity, neat and tidy, best use of materials and fit into environment) in which equally-essential to the definition of MasterCraft. The judge panel concluded that it was not an easy task to pick winners from the keen competition upholding such extraordinary standard. Within the pre-set judging criteria, the judges reviewed every little detail prudentially, and thus differentiating the winners from the others in terms of the slightest advantage.

All the judges agreed that the contest itself did motivate both the installation professionals and the contractors to improve craftsmanship continuously, also to strengthen the sense of mission and self respect towards the profession. Last but not least, the contest also served as a good opportunity for the industry players to exchange ideas and learn from each others.