Mia Cucina

Mia Cucina officially launches an online program “Institute of Kitchen Design”

24 Jul 2019

The dream of owning a home in Hong Kong becomes less attainable due to the rising property price with confined space in the market; and people would love to design and decorate their homes if they could have own ones. Kitchen, being the heart of home, should be the most complicated area among interior design and involves lots of renovation elements to think about, such as the trend of kitchen design, selection of cabinet door panels and countertop materials and placement of cooking appliances and range hood etc. All these are very crucial that the kitchen works practically and aesthetically.

To make the task of kitchen design less daunting and enhance the public knowledge in this aspect, Mia Cucina has collaborated with a popular digital platform - HK Heart TV to produce a 10-episode online program “Institute of Kitchen Design”. The host, Timothy visited several Mia Cucina kitchens alongside with renowned architects, interior designers, advertising heavyweight and master chef to appreciate kitchen designs from different perspectives, including current trends, overall layout and planning, selection of door panel materials and storage accessories, advice on examination of kitchen cabinet and personal design sharing of guests. In each episode, “Institute of Kitchen Design” covers different themes with rich content. The trailer received positive feedback from audiences while the long-awaited program is available on social media platforms of Mia Cucina and HK Heart TV now. Please stay tuned.

For more content of “Institute of Kitchen Design”, please click the link below.

Youtube: http://bit.ly/2NK6GEM

Facebook: towngas.miacucina