Mia Cucina

Combating the epidemic with comprehensive sanitary measures

09 Apr 2020

The outbreak of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) has caused unfavorable impacts on the market and renovation industry. To avoid a project failure, it is essential to choose a reputable and experienced kitchen cabinet specialists with quality craftsmanship. Mia Cucina has always been committed to provide customers with a one-stop kitchen cabinet service, so you can get things done by simply staying at home during this epidemic period. Our kitchen designers, engineers and a strong project team will provide professional advice throughout the whole process, ensuring an absolutely superb and impeccable personalized kitchen for you.

Extensive sanitary and anti-epidemic measures

Given the continuing virus epidemic, Mia Cucina has stepped up a series of sanitary and anti-epidemic measures.

  1. Showroom regular disinfection: Mia Cucina applies nano photocatalytic long-acting disinfectant spray in regular sterilizing of kitchen showrooms
  2. Package cleaning service: Mia Cucina sanitizes the packing carefully before entering the house to avoid bringing bacteria into the indoors
  3. Ozone water disinfection: As usual, our team will help clean kitchen cabinets and worktops after completion. During the epidemic period, a patented BioSure professional ozone spray is exclusively selected for disinfection and sanitation
  4. Anti-bacterial cabinet panel materials: Mia Cucina offers imported superior FENIX NTM which is effective in minimizing bacteria generation

Caring service with “Five Details”

In addition to various special measures, the “Five Details” of one-stop service displays the thoughtful consideration of Mia Cucina.

  1. Strict progress monitoring: Throughout the renovation process, Mia Cucina team maintains close communication with our customers, ensuring the renovation runs smoothly as scheduled
  2. Cabinet attentive inspection: Mia Cucina inspects every detail to make sure the kitchen fit for purpose
  3. Post-renovation cleaning service: Our team helps clean kitchen cabinets and worktops after completion
  4. Customized maintenance box set: Our team presents the customers a box set containing user manuals of purchased appliances and spare parts, as well as, cabinet and appliance maintenance tips for future uses
  5. Six-star Service: Value-added after-sales services are entitled, covering l-year warranty for kitchen cabinets and 3-year free warranty with free spare parts for Towngas’ appliances. Besides, a 24-hour customer service hotline is offered in case you need maintenance and installation of all kinds

Mia Cucina provides high-quality kitchen cabinets and a variety of built-in appliances under a single brand. From enquiries of our cabinets and appliances, design to installment and even to after-sales service, our strong team works with the utmost care for your kitchen, providing a one-stop solution and ensuring the whole process is hassle-free. In such a critical period, our team dedicates in fulfilling individual customer's needs and strengthening the precaution measures, lifting up your joy of home cooking.


Powerful patented ozone sanitation

To maintain good hygiene and prevent infections, Mia Cucina cautiously selects the BioSure professional ozone spray from the UK for disinfection and sanitation. With high concentration (2-3ppm) of ozonated water, the cell wall of bacteria is instantly oxidized in a short time. The ozonated water is powerful, safe and environmentally friendly with no additional chemicals and residues after use. This advanced ozone sanitation is widely applicable in clothing, food, toys and furniture. Redeem BioSure professional ozone spray at $2,660 (suggested retail price $2,800) when purchasing Mia Cucina kitchen cabinets or any premium appliances. For details, please enquire with Mia Cucina directly.