Mia Cucina

Anti-bacterial cabinet material ensures a hygienic environment

11 Mar 2020

It is anticipated that virus and seasonal influenza activity will continue to rise. We should have strict personal and home hygiene at all times. Home cooking is one of the best ways to protect the health of you and your family from staying away from the bacteria.

In addition to regular cleaning of the kitchen, using suitable cabinet panels is also possible to reduce bacterial growth. Therefore, Mia Cucina utilizes the imported superior FENIX NTM (nanotechnology matt materials) in kitchen design which is anti-fingerprint and thermally heals micro-scratches. Its patented nanotechnology is effective in killing the microbes and preventing bacteria production to achieve a hygienic condition. Most importantly, equipped with the specially designed surface coating, FENIX NTM is suitable for direct contact with food and inhibitive to bacterial growth. To maintain kitchen hygiene and durability, this cutting-edge material increasingly acts as one of the perfect alternatives in kitchen design. 

In fact, FENIX NTM is widely applicable in interior design which is used in producing kitchen cabinets and worktops. Other than its properties of anti-bacterial and scratch-resistant, a range of colors ensures a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality.