Mia Cucina

Washer Dryer



  • 8 kg washing capacity and 5kg drying capacity
  • Maximum spin speed 1200rpm for washing clothes with different textures
  • 13 inbuilt washing programs such as “wool” or “handwash” cater different washing needs
  • Intelligent washing programs can auto adjust the washing cycle, water and energy consumption by detecting the washing capacity
  • 2 inbuilt drying programs and optional drying time setting, convenient to dry clothes with different textures
  • 3 washing and drying programs for saving time effectively
  • Button control with rotary knob
  • Delay start function for flexible washing and drying adjustment
  • Over flow safety system and automatic unbalanced load detection system ensure safe and reliable
  • Hong Kong Energy Label Grade 1
  • Hong Kong Water Efficiency Label Grade 1


Washing Capacity (kg) 8
Drying Capacity (L) 5
HK Energy Label Garde 1
Energy Consumption - Washing (kWh) 0.71
Annual Energy Consumption - Washing (kWh) 185
HK Water Efficiency Label Garde 1
Water Consumption - Washing (L) 48
Annual Water Consumption - Washing (kWh) 18200
Controls Buttons + Knob
Maximum Spin Speed (rpm) 1200
Drum Capacity (L) 55
No. of Washing Programs 13 (Cotton, Prewash, Cotton ECO, Synthetics, Delicates, Rinse, Spin, Spin + Drain, Quick, Quick 14, Wool, Shirt, Handwash)
No. of Drying Programs 2 (Synthetic Dry, Cotton Dry)
No. of Combined Programs 3 (5 Kg Wash & Dry, Wash & Wear, BabyProtect + Wash&Dry)
Installation Type Built-in
Product Size H x W x D (mm) 820 x 595 x 550
Cut-out Size H x W x D (mm) 825 x 600 x 570
Rated Voltage (V) 220 - 240
Rated Frequency (Hz) 50
Rated Power (W) 2350
Fuse Rating (A) 13
Retail Price (HKD) $ 19,800