Mia Cucina

Mia Cucina launches an Italian built-in gas oven to complete the story of great taste by gas cooking - Mia Cucina

24 Mar 2021

With years of experience in kitchen cabinet design at large properties and residence segments, Mia Cucina has applied his expertise for every homeowner. The Brand has recently and proudly introduced a built-in gas oven to enrich the premium kitchen appliance series and enhance the total kitchen solution service. Henceforth, Mia Cucina answers cook lovers’ dreams for perfect cooking.


Made in Italy, the brand-new Mia Cucina gas oven includes traditional and grill functions to bring out the best for users. Thanks to the flame cooking feature, the oven ensures your meals are cooked professionally with the food nutrition and bright color.  To give more consistency for your cooking, hot air is circulated evenly around the food and its wide range of temperature to 240oC also offers a satisfactory culinary result. The oven is available in a size of 57L allowing multiple cooking simultaneously and is the only gas oven you can find in the market. With proving function of the temperature from 25oC to 28oC, you can ensure that the bread creation process is perfected. What’s more, the oven allows spit-roasting to achieve crispy and juicy meat. Using modern and premium design, Mia Cucina delivers elegant simplicity with LED panel display to show remaining time.