Mia Cucina

Mia Cucina comprehensive one-stop service for kitchen and home living

12 Aug 2021

We believe that it is necessary to take the user’s personal preferences and living habits into consideration when creating an ideal living atmosphere. In addition to living and bedrooms interiors, our bespoke kitchen and bathroom designs are also tailored to the personal taste and preferences of our clients. At Mia Cucina, we provide more than just high quality and durable materials by exceeding users spatial application expectations for a modern yet welcoming abode.


Maximize durability with quality kitchen cabinets panels

Alongside with stunning design, cabinets should have a high load-bearing capacity and humidity resistance to cope with notoriously humid weather. It is recommended the panels be chosen from a collection of European materials and the carcass is composed of seven-layer plywood to resist the humidity Considering improper ventilation in an enclosed bathroom causes to high humidity, Mia Cucina suggests to use anti-bacterial panel material for bathroom cabinet and thus, it effectively prevents bacteria production to achieve a hygienic bathing environment.


Create a visual balance with sleek and simple contemporary design

Timeless pieces and consistent style have been among customers’ favorites. Some brands are able to tailor each design to the specific needs of users ranging from an array of kitchen, bathroom and home products. With a one-stop solution service, we can ensure a harmonious design to ooze a consistent and thorough look.


Transform cabinets ideal for space flexibility

Keeping the limited space in Hong Kong residential apartments in mind, Mia Cucina has created ways to integrate practical functions and aesthetic concepts through a pull-and-fold cabinet pocket door system. Users can flexibly use the space to store kitchen ware, daily necessities and while unused, the enclosed foldable doors create a clean and orderly appearance.


One-stop personalized service by Towngas professional team

To create an ideal and unique cooking paradise, our customers can consult with our professionals to personalize the design according to their cooking habits and preferences. From consultation to after-sales service, Mia Cucina’s one-stop service always offers comprehensive support!


Personal consultation and on-site measurement → Materials and appliances selection → Initial drawing → Final on-site measurement → Arrangement of water pipes and electricity → Design confirmation → Cabinets and appliances order → Delivery and installation → Kitchen inspection → After-sales service


It is worth mentioning that the project can be completed within 5 to 6 weeks, from final on-site measurement to installation. The dust control service adopted during the renovation period even makes it easier for users to create a dream kitchen for you! In order to provide a truly comprehensive one-stop service, Mia Cucina is committed to extending coverage into bathroom and home cabinets for a home solution.