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  • A party venue for entertaining guests

    03 Sep 2012

    A special blend of classic MFC materials with a black tempered-glass combination makes this kitchen spacious and elegant.

  • Want a fresh kitchen in your home?

    12 Aug 2012

    Create a fresh, bright ambience for an enjoyable cooking environment.

  • Free Cookware and Discount for Appliances

    02 May 2011

    Mia Cucina provides one-stop tailored solutions for kitchen cabinet service.

  • Towngas Launches Bespoke Kitchen Design Service, Mia Cucina

    16 Sep 2010

    16 September 2010, Hong Kong - Towngas Avenue [an innovative retail concept and service], of the Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas), reflects today’s modern quality lifestyle and its pursuit of enjoyment.