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  • Enjoy 50% off specific TGC appliance to celebrate a New Year

    15 Nov 2013

    The New Year is all about new beginnings and fresh starts.

  • Full support to the 10th annual Perspective Awards

    08 Nov 2013

    Mia Cucina and Scholtès join hands to support Perspective Awards 2013.

  • Upgrades Quality of Living with New Kitchen Ambiance

    17 Jun 2013

    Mia Cucina TST Showroom now has a brand new look! Its kitchens were re-designed and renovated to ensure a shopping enjoyment for the customers.

  • Enlighten everything with an all-white kitchen

    08 Apr 2013

    A clean, serene design harmonizes the cooking environment.

  • Vigorous kitchen facilitates enjoyment of cooking

    18 Mar 2013

    The kitchen is gradually becoming an important place where the whole family and friends meet.

  • Free Household Insurance and Discount Offers

    01 Nov 2012

    Mia Cucina offers professional kitchen cabinet design and services, backed by years of experience.