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Towngas is launching a $3 million anti-pandemic raffle to join hands with the public to accelerate economic recovery! Hong Kong Identity Card holders aged 18 or above who have received one or both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine before mid-September 2021 are eligible ! Each of the top 50 winners will receive HK$10,000 shopping vouchers which can be used at Towngas Customer Centres, Towngas Cooking Centre, Flame at Towngas Avenue and Towngas Fun. Get vaccinated to win a chance of getting up to $3 million grand prizes !
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  • Delineate a Sleek Kitchen with Fluid Lines

    24 Mar 2016

    Emanating a rich character in your kitchen, Mia Cucina designs a set of modern and ingenious kitchen cabinets for you.

  • Mia Cucina (Kitchen by Towngas) takes Honors as "Accredited Sub-Contractor (Kitchen Cabinet)"

    07 Mar 2016

    Mia Cucina (Kitchens by Towngas) was honorably recognized as Accredited Sub-Contractor (Kitchen Cabinet) and awarded Quality Inspection Certificates by Hong Kong Professional Building Inspection Academy (HKPBIA) for the excellence and specialization in kitchen cabinets.

  • The Beauty of Simplicity

    15 Feb 2016

    Inspired by current trend of minimalist, Mia Cucina brings you a simple yet stylish linear kitchen cabinets in Mong Kok Showroom.

  • Bring you a bright, simple ambiance of cooking

    11 Dec 2015

    An open kitchen gives you a spacious feeling, particularly when the door materials and colors matched with each other.

  • 'Total Kitchen Solution' won the HKMA/TVB Awards for Marketing Excellence 2015

    03 Nov 2015

    The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas) is honored to receive the Merit Award in the HKMA/TVB Awards for Marketing Excellence 2015, which is the recognition for its marketing campaign of 'Total Kitchen Solution', executed in 2014-2015.

  • Mia Cucina and TGC were honored for second consecutive year with “Best Kitchen Design” and “Best Kitchen Appliance”, under “GoHome Awards 2015”

    28 Sep 2015

    Towngas always obeys to provide our customers high quality products with 'six-star' service; we pay every effort to offer you the best quality of living.