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    What types of door panel materials are available in the market?


    Adding a perfect level of sophistication, the kitchen cabinet undertakes the primary storage and display functions, so durability of the door panel becomes one of the essential considerations in kitchen design. Each door panel materials, including both finishes and substrates, have its own unique and distinctive features, leading to entirely different effects.


    i. Finishes

    Finish is the surface material which determines the appearance of the kitchen cabinet and should match with the surrounding design. Some common types include:



    Given the kitchen an ultra-glossy, the perfect mirror-like Acrylic finish has high hardness and good toughness with shatter-resistant nature. With its thickness, the color and brightness can still be retained even it is scratched accidentally.


    2. Lacquer

    Available in multiple options of colors, Lacquer is resistant to humidity and water, as well as, easy to clean. Proper precautions are required with low wear-resistant.


    3. Wood veneer

    Wood veneer is beautiful with harmonic textures and delicate color tones, creating a warm and pleasant ambiance. In addition to a higher price, the pattern needs to be carefully selected to avoid the unaesthetic fold lines.


    4. Laminated board

    The laminated board offers variety and durability at a relatively lower cost with qualities like high impermeability and excellent resistance to heat and humidity.  Laminated cabinets should be undergone proper side sealing to avoid scorch marks.


    5. FENIX nanotech materials (NTM)

    FENIX material is bacteria-killing, anti-fingerprint and pleasantly soft to the touch. It also has the ability to regenerate from any minimal micro-scratches, thanks to its thermal-repairability.



    ii. Substrates

    Substrate refers to the material underneath the finish of the cabinet. Seven-layered plywood is suggested which is sturdy and durable with a very high load-resisting capacity. In view of the humid weather in Hong Kong, humidity resistance materials should be selected. Most common substrates used nowadays such as:


    1. Plywood

    Plywood is created by pressing sheets of wood veneer together to form one solid piece, usually with a choice of three-layer, five-layer or seven-layer. Actual hardness and load-bearing capacity depend on its layers; hence, seven-layer plywood is recommended for carcass and it can withstand exposure to humidity and prevents bending. Its benefits can be maximized when matching together with laminated panels.


    2. Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) board

    MDF board is an ideal material for making door panels and other furniture, featuring a highly smooth surface and clean edges. Its nature of easy sticking enables it to match with various finishing. European imported MDF board is recommended.