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    How to utilize every inch of space in the kitchen efficiently?


    Given the scarcity of land resources, insufficient storage space is a common issue faced by many Hong Kong people. To own your comfort cooking zone, you must be able to master the principle of categorization with distinctive storage accessories that enhance the function of the kitchen cabinet and accommodate more utensils.


    Storage solution varies with different types of kitchen layout. Linear kitchen, the best suit for a small apartment, is recommended to use hanging racks or holders to increase storage space. For U-shaped and L-shaped layout with untapped counter space, installation of corner units with pull-out trays or swings enables users’ utmost convenience. When it comes to kitchen islands, a motorized lift-up shelf can make full use of the underneath area.


    1. Pull-out Swing

    The kitchen can sometimes lose functionality due to its shaped corners. Adding on a  pull-out swing at the corner is one of the effective tools to solve this problem and ensure easy movement in such hidden areas.


    2. Rack

    With shelves and racks placed on the back of the cabinet or wall, users can easily take out and put back those typically used cookware and wine glasses, and keep other items in the drawers.


    3. Drawer organizer

    Using drawer dividers and storage boxes definitely can keep things organized and accessible. All tableware, including chopsticks, knives, forks and spoons, can be seen clearly in the drawers.


    4. Magnetic storage rack

    Make use of a magnetic rack to hang spices and knives on any unused vertical surface is functional and decorative.


    5. Tall cabinet

    With pull-out shelves in a tall and large cabinet can be adjusted according to distinctive needs and store all kinds of cookware at once. Selecting a pull-out cabinet, users should pay special attention to the quality of metal accessories, such as slides, that greatly determines its durability and functionality.


    6. Motorized lifting system

    A motorized lift-up shelf is an excellent storage solution to provide ample storage for cooking equipment. It is also wise to install built-in kitchen appliances to free up more worktop space for food preparation.