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  • Mia Cucina Kitchen Purchase Journey

    With so many options available to you, why choose Mia Cucina to design and install your bespoke kitchen? We believe in excellence and attention to detail at every stage of the process.

    Step 1: Start with a renovation plan and visit our showrooms 
    You may visit one of our showrooms to truly understand the material quality, level of craftsmanship and details that go into a Mia Cucina kitchen. Come and discuss with our kitchen designers who could provide the inspiration for your dream kitchen.

    Step 2: Arrange on-site visit and provide initial sketches
    Mia Cucina would arrange an on-site visit and measurement of your existing kitchen accordingly; it helps giving you an initial drawing and telling you how your kitchen will be shaped.

    Step 3: Discuss and decide the style and finishing of the cabinets, countertops, appliances, and lightings, etc
    Mia Cucina provides the finest imported materials from Europe to guarantee durability and robustness. Selecting a right countertop is also important because it should be capable of taking all the weight; and appliances are the key elements which you may choose among various professional-grade and built-in ranges for the kitchen. Our designers would also suggest the lighting fixture and other imported accessories to make your kitchen warm, cozy, and elegant.

    Step 4: Prepare the final design for your review
    Once we have all the details such as floor plans and elevations, we will create a virtual drawing of your dream kitchen based on your requirements. This allows you to see in more detail exactly how your kitchen will look and to make fine adjustments until you are completely satisfied.

    Step 5: Order all necessary materials, components, and arrange installation
    Based on your request in design, storage and layout, we have our professional team from Towngas to ensure your kitchen installation is completed. From on-site visit, measurement to installation, our experienced Mia Cucina team works with the utmost care for your kitchen, providing a one-stop solution and ensuring the whole process is hassle-free.