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    How can users maximize utility and durability of a kitchen cabinet?


    Metal accessories can greatly determine the durability of a kitchen cabinet. Common accessories include cabinet hinges, drawer slides, pull-out trays, handles etc. Among all, European made accessories is a good choice to guarantee the quality and ensure cabinets’ utility.


    1. Cabinet hinges

    Cabinet hinges is the key support between a cabinet door and a carcass. Low quality hinges might lead to troubles in opening the cabinet, rusting, or even cabinet doors falling off. While quality soft-closing hinges can fit door panels with different sizes, weights and forces, users can therefore open and close the cabinet smoothly and silently. They also keep the cabinet doors in the right place and prevent the edges from clashing together.


    2. Drawer slides

    Drawer slides decide the loading capacity and the smoothness of a drawer. High quality drawer slides are generally equipped with soft-closing system to ensure smooth, silent and swift opening. They also provide stability to a drawer and preserve the utensils and containers from damages. While low quality drawer slides have no soft-closing system and bears little weight, the drawers could make clunking noises, tilt to the front and become difficult to open after a period of time.


    3. Handles

    When installing handles on a kitchen cabinet, pay close attention to its position, height as well as design. Your handles should match with your height, cooking habits and the overall kitchen style. Due to high humidity in the kitchen, the handles should be mold-resistant, scratch-resistant and anti-corrosive to prevent rusting and discoloring. You should also consider its tensile strength before making a purchase.


    4. Hydraulic device


    Other than cabinet hinges, hydraulic device can also affect the loading capacity and opening of a cabinet. Hydraulic device allows users to open and close a cabinet at a ease. Its hydraulic features can even prevent the doors from slamming your fingers. It is applicable to numerous door types, such as a lift-up door, pull-out door or hinged door.