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    Is a range hood still necessary in case you have a kitchen exhaust fan?


    ‘Wok hei’ is regarded as a hallmark of Chinese cooking. Sometimes, such high-temperature cooking and heavy seasoning may cause grease and fumes. Apart from the exhaust fan, rangehood is a must for kitchen ventilation to improve indoor air quality and help your kitchen stay clean. Otherwise, you may have to deal with a hard-to-clean greasy and smudgy kitchen.


    The main function of the exhaust fan is to remove pollutants and prevent excess heat to cool down the kitchen; meanwhile, range hood is an essential appliance to keep the kitchens fresh. Therefore, the most effective way to ensure a refreshing cooking environment is to choose a quiet rangehood with powerful extraction.


    Grease, steam, smoke, fumes and odor are everyday problems with pan-frying, stir-frying, stewing or deep-frying. Some people are worried that either flame cooking or induction cooking in an open kitchen causes emission of oily fumes; however, this problem is no longer existed as long as a rangehood with strong extraction and perfect performance is installed. Besides, a powerful rangehood with a delayed shut-off function can be more efficient in eliminating all cooking nuisances in the kitchen.


    What’s more, the hood should be installed and aligned right above the hob for visual consistency and best ventilation performance. During installation, the ideal distance between the pan support of cooking hob and the lowest part of rangehood should be 650 to 700 mm to maintain a proper operation and optimal efficiency.